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The Project

HOPEnDialogue is an international collaborative study to evaluate the effectiveness of Open Dialogue in various contexts and to support the centers that adopt this approach.

The HOPEnDialogue study will map the centers practicing Open Dialogue worldwide, verify how closely they follow the Open Dialogue principles, and investigate the effectiveness of this approach in different contexts.

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The HOPEnDialogue project would not have been possible without the support of Open Excellence, which is still funding our work.

However, the current annual budget allows us to conduct only a part of the activities we have envisioned.
Beyond mapping the sites and conducting a multicentric international pilot, we would be happy to support research for all OD teams in a more systematic way. We believe that an “international adherence lab” might help promote the quality of OD interventions worldwide. We would be honored to build it with your support.

If you are willing to help us extend the research on the Open Dialogue approach, please donate for our project to Open Excellence or get in touch with the HOPEnDialogue principal investigator, Raffaella Pocobello, at

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Advisory board

An International Advisory Board involving different stakeholders contributes to the development of the project and promotes its sustainability

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    Open Dialogue featured in the Compendium of Good Practices by the Council of Europe

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    “Open Dialogue around the globe”: a special issue on OD to be hosted on Frontiers in Psychology

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