3rd Meeting of the International Open Dialogue Research Collaboration

We are looking forward to the 3rd Meeting of the International Open Dialogue Research Collaboration!

Here are a few highlights about the event:

  1. It the first online global research conference of the Open Dialogue community!
    Although we will miss the free-flowing face-to-face conversation, we appreciate that being online increases inclusion and diversity by making this event accessible to valuable members of our community who could haven’t attended in person.
  2. It is the first peer review experience of the OD learning community designed to promote a culture of learning & growth, including the wisdom of lived experience.
  3. It has a participatory design– and reflects the ongoing collaboration among highly motivated community members and groups engaged in workshops and social spaces.
  4. It promotes research to be at the core of our community as a tool to understand and develop our practice and monitor our progress and outcomes.
  5. It promotes collaboration among academic researchers, persons with lived experience, and Open Dialogue practitioners and citizens interested in human rights-aligned approaches to mental health.

We have done our best to prepare for this event and hope that everything will go well. As this is the first online conference we have organized, we thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation in solving any problems that may occur!

Thanks to all the members of the conference committee, authors, reviewers, and chairs for providing so many experiences and contributions.