HOPEnDialogue to be presented at the International Network Meeting for the Treatment of Psychosis

On the 27th of August 2022, Raffaella Pocobello, principal investigator of HOPEnDialogue, will expose updates from the project at the 26th International Network Meeting for the Treatment of Psychosis.

The meeting program includes the participation of international figures, such as Jaakko Seikkula (Finland), Olga Runciman (Denmark), Robert Whitaker (USA), Andrea Zwicknagl (Switzerland), Martijn Kole (Holland), Vandana Gopikumar (India), Tomi Bergström (Finland), Nick Putman (UK), Mia Kurtti (Finland), Daniel Fisher (USA), Pina Ridente (Italy), Itay Kander (Israel), Louisa Putnam (USA), Kermit Cole (USA), Alexander Smith (USA), Bodil Øster (Denmark), and Christine Nyquist (Norway), and Spanish professionals, who will guide the discussion around the development of Open Dialogue in Spain.

Together with the HOPEnDialogue presentation, the research conference will host the presentation on the advances in ODDESSI by Russell Razzaque (UK) and a talk on the implementation of Open Dialogue, politics, and other implications, by Sebastian Von Peter (Germany). Both Razzaque and Von Peter are members of the HOPEnDialogue Advisory Board.

The meeting will be held online from the 24th to the 27th of August 2022 and will provide multilingual captions and subtitles for both recorded and live content. The fee is 100€ until 31st July and 150€ after that date. For more information on the agenda and other details, please visit the official website at https://opendialoguecongress2022.vfairs.com/en.


Cover image by © Domingo Leiva