Hello! This is the Guestbook for the 3rd Meeting of the International Open Dialogue Research Collaboration.

Feel free to leave a comment about your experience at the meeting. There will be a dedicated survey to collect your feedback and suggestions on the organization and on the scientific contents. But let’s use the guestbook to collect memories of the first online global research conference of the Open Dialogue community! We will be happy to hear your voice.

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9 entries.
Hank Hank from Barcelona wrote on December 3, 2021
Thanks for organizing, and all the best. Looking forward to contributing and helping much more next time around. Transcription and other issues will be solved by then, I am working on this sort of stuff as it's paramount importance to get the language and all communication barriers down. Plus, it opens the door to sentiment analysis, working on this brings in people who can help a lot not just widening the scope of who can and will participate in the dialogues / disputes. Anyone willing to help please let me know, I am struggling to find time for everything: at this point cannot offer much else but helping in return.
Hidenori Nakamura Hidenori Nakamura from Imizu, Japan wrote on July 2, 2021
The meeting was dialogical. I appreciate organizers and participants who allowed me to express myself on public policy research and practice, which is far from mental health. I think this is an indication of core nature of Open Dialogue which is about culture and politics of everyone.
Astréa RIBEIRO Astréa RIBEIRO from São Paulo wrote on July 2, 2021
It was a wonderful experience participating in the 3rd MIODRC. Technology was so important to connect us from all over the world so we could meet virtually and share our thoughts and ideas. Beautiful.
Daniela Capparelli Daniela Capparelli from Buenos Aires wrote on July 2, 2021
Thanks for the great effort of organizing this conference!! I breathed a warmth atmosphere and experience the strength of many people working and thinking together to find more and better ways of sharing human kindness and respect.
joão Leite Ribeiro joão Leite Ribeiro from São Paulo wrote on July 1, 2021
I was very happy to participate. Felt important. For a person with schizophrenia, seldom heard, seldom respected, and actually seldom hopeful these might ever happen, this was great.
Louisa and Kermit Louisa and Kermit from Tewa name Ogapa'Ge Where the white shells are. Now called Santa Fe wrote on June 27, 2021
I loved every minute. Thank you everyone, ~Raffaella and dear friends. Louisa
Ondrej Žiak Ondrej Žiak from Jeseník wrote on June 24, 2021
What a wonderful time. Thank you so much. Especially Raffaella and the whole organizational team. It is so refreshing to be part of this supporting community.
Louisa and Kermit Louisa and Kermit from Tewa name Ogapa'Ge Where the white shells are. Now called Santa Fe wrote on June 23, 2021
We are full of admiration and gratitude.
Alita Kathryn Taylor Alita Kathryn Taylor from Tacoma wrote on June 23, 2021
We are so lucky to be in dialogue at every moment. Creating this conference and ongoing collaboration is essential for our humanity.