The Town Hall online conversations series

The crisis due to COVID-19 outbreak has clearly revealed how essential dialogue is to the human experience. But what are dialogical practitioners doing – and learning – in this time of crisis? What do these learnings suggest or make possible that might have previously seemed unattainable? What insights do people who have lived with a sense of crisis, often cut off from ‘mainstream’ dialogues, have to offer a world in crisis?

Presenting the “Town Hall” online conversations exploring dialogical responses in the age of COVID-19. In collaboration with Mad in America and Open Excellence.

#1: Are We Living in the Most Dialogical Time Ever?

#2: Is Dialogical Response the Most Effective and Most Necessary Response to Crises?

#3: Dialogue is Just What the Doctor Ordered

#4: Four Decades Of Making Safe Spaces For All Voices: The Hearing Voices Network

#5: How Dialogue Can Respond to Discrimination. Addressing Racism & Structural Racism

#6: Open Dialogue in Hospital Emergency and Inpatient Settings

#7: What is Open Dialogue Today?

#8: Peers and Open Dialogue

#9: Psychiatrists and Open Dialogue